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How do the trees in your yard look? Are they in need of pruning or trimming? It’s time to call in the experts at Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC.

We rely on the trees in our yards for important reasons – to provide shade, filter the air we breathe and give homes to beautiful birds and wildlife. Because trees play such an important part of the ecosystem in your yard, it’s imperative that they receive regular care and maintenance from a professional tree service.

Regular pruning and trimming is a great way to keep your home’s trees in good shape. When you’re trees are due for maintenance, don’t hesitate to call the experts in tree service – Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC.

How to Tell When Your Trees Require Trimming

Taking the time to get to know the warning or help signals your trees could be sending out is helpful. When you schedule for professional tree trimming and pruning, it can help your trees remain healthy and growing strong for a long time to come. Here are signs to watch out for that indicate trimming and pruning is needed:

  • When your tree has uneven weight distribution or seems to be growing in an odd shape, it’s time for trimming. Misshapen trees can cause damage to your home or present stability and safety issues.

Cracks in the bark of your trees usually mean there is an infestation or disease that is degrading the health of the tree. Pruning can help save the tree from needing to be cut down.

When the branches of your tree are crossing over each other, it indicates they need more room and require a trim.

An abundance of broken or splintering branches can indicate a weak tree that requires pruning to increase stability.

When tree branches have pests or diseases, it can cause the branches to bow or snap more quickly than usual. Trimming these branches back can ensure the problem doesn’t get worse or present a safety problem.

After a big storm, tree branches can be left broken and splintered. To reduce the chances of damage to your home or property, or prevent harm to anyone near the tree, trimming and pruning should be conducted right away.

When your trees don’t have a clearing, it means they’re too dense and need trimming. When you have too much growth on your trees, it can mean there’s too much weight and present a problem during high winds and heavy storms.

How to Know When a Tree Requires Removal

In order to prevent damage to your property and ensure everyone’s safety, it’s vital that you know the signs to watch for that indicate a tree needs removal. Here are some common signs to pay attention to so you can act fast:

  • Missing Bark – Missing bark, or tree cankers, can be a sign of stress, disease, or injury with a tree. Removal of the tree before it infects others or falls over may be necessary.
  • Lack of Flowering – When a tree stops budding or flowering it can mean there’s a problem that would require removal.
  • Leaf Scorch – Leaf scorch is defined by the tree’s leaves have red or yellow lines, which can point to a present infection or disease.
  • Falling Branches – When a tree has excess branches falling, especially when other surrounding trees aren’t experiencing the same problem, it can mean something is wrong and the tree needs removal.
  • Mushroom Growth – Increased mushroom or fungi growth around the base of the tree can mean there is a severe disease problem and the tree needs removal.

Decay – Rotting branches can be a significant indicator that the health of the tree has been compromised and needs to be cut down.

How Stumps are Removed

If you have a stump left over from a cut-down tree, it’s best to have it professionally removed as soon as possible to prevent problems. Stumps in your yard can invite pests, infect other vegetation with disease and rot, or cause tripping hazards. Many homeowners will attempt to save money by removing tree stumps themselves, but this can lead to landscape damage and someone getting hurt using heavy machinery. 

When you hire the pros at Greater Pitt Tree Services LLC, we’ll quickly and carefully remove any stumps you have using professional machinery such as a grinder, chainsaws, pick mattocks, and shovels. When the job is done, you’ll once again be able to utilize the portion of property previously blocked by a tree stump.

The Effects of Tree Emergencies on Your Home and Property

When you have unhealthy or damaged trees on your property, they can pose significant property damage and safety risks. It’s important that you quickly address unstable, damaged, or improperly growing trees so as to avoid costly and considerable damage to your home and property. 

Some problems tree emergencies can present to your home are:

  • Damage to your roof and home’s structure from falling trees or branches.
  • Flooding and plumbing damage due to tree roots damaging your pipes, sewer lines, and septic tanks.
  • Growth into electrical lines can lead to dangerous situations and loss of power.
  • Unsteady trees and branches can fall and hurt or injure someone.

To prevent harm or costly damage to your home, be sure to watch for signs of tree emergencies and schedule for professional service right away.

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