Timber Services in Greater Pittsburgh

Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC provides timber services for residential and commercial customers who own from 3 to 100 acres of land. You have the opportunity to make some money off any valuable wood removed from your land. We offer two types of services: Clear Cut or Select Cut.

Clear Cut

If you need to clear your entire property, We’ll cut all the trees and free up your property for whatever purpose you have intended. We work directly with local foresters to survey the land and make and assessment of the property to make sure that no natural ecosystems are being disturbed. You’ll receive a profit from any valuable lumber we sell to the saw mill.

Steal Cut

We will go in and select trees that may have monetary value. The selected trees will be sold to the saw mill and then you, the landowner, will make a percentage of profit from the lumber sold. We also can do a property thin out if you have land that is congested with trees.

If you would like more information on our process and how to get started please contact us at 412-867-9631