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Do you have a situation causing the need for emergency tree service? You can rely on Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC to be there when you need us.

Healthy trees equal healthy and beautiful yards. We rely on the trees in our yards to provide shade, filter the air we breathe and give homes to the various birds and wildlife in the area. But when a tree in your yard isn’t in good shape, it can cause severe damage to your home and property and pose an enormous safety risk. 

Regular pruning and trimming is a great way to keep your home’s trees in good shape. However, sometimes emergency service can be necessary. When you have a damaged or unhealthy tree in your yard, don’t delay service – call Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC for peace of mind.

Signs Your Trees Need Trimming

Do you know what to look for that indicates tree trimming is necessary? Familiarizing yourself with the signs that your trees need pruning can help you in scheduling professional service at the right time before an emergency occurs. Below are some common signs to watch out for:

When your tree has uneven weight distribution or seems to be growing in an odd shape, it’s time for trimming. Misshapen trees can cause damage to your home or present stability and safety issues.

An abundance of broken or splintering branches can indicate a weak tree that requires pruning to increase stability.

Any growth onto power lines can present a dangerous fire hazard. Be sure to always hire a professional to prune and trim back branches away from power lines. Do not attempt to do this yourself.

When tree branches have pests or diseases, it can cause the branches to bow or snap more quickly than usual. Trimming these branches back can ensure the problem doesn’t get worse or present a safety problem.

After a big storm, tree branches can be left broken and splintered. To reduce the chances of damage to your home or property, or prevent harm to anyone near the tree, trimming and pruning should be conducted right away.

Cracks in the bark of your trees usually mean there is an infestation or disease that is degrading the health of the tree. Pruning can help save the tree from needing to be cut down.

When your trees don’t have a clearing, it means they’re too dense and need trimming. When you have too much growth on your trees, it can mean there’s too much weight and present a problem during high winds and heavy storms.

How to Know When a Tree Requires Removal

Recognizing the symptoms that require a tree to be removed can help you act fast to prevent damage to other trees, your home, or your property. Below are some common signs that a tree may need removal to watch out for:

  • Falling Branches – When a tree has excess branches falling, especially when other surrounding trees aren’t experiencing the same problem, it can mean something is wrong and the tree needs removal.
  • Missing Bark – Missing bark, or tree cankers, can be a sign of stress, disease, or injury with a tree. Removal of the tree before it infects others or falls over may be necessary.
  • Mushroom Growth – Increased mushroom or fungi growth around the base of the tree can mean there is a severe disease problem and the tree needs removal.
  • Decay – Rotting branches can be a significant indicator that the health of the tree has been compromised and needs to be cut down.
  • Lack of Flowering – While not necessarily a primary indicator, when a tree stops budding or flowering it can mean there’s a problem that would require removal.

Leaf Scorch – Leaf scorch is defined by the tree’s leaves have red or yellow lines, which can point to a present infection or disease.

The Process of Stump Removal

If you have a stump left over from a cut-down tree, it’s best to have it professionally removed as soon as possible. Many homeowners will attempt to save money by removing tree stumps themselves, but this can lead to landscape damage and someone getting hurt using heavy machinery. 

When you hire the pro’s at Greater Pitt Tree Services LLC, we’ll quickly and carefully remove any stumps you have using one of the following processes:

  • Grinding the stump down with professional grinder machinery
  • Removing smaller stumps using chainsaws, pick mattocks, and shovels

Once the stump has been ground into wood chips, owners will have the option of dispersing the chips on their property or having us haul them away.

We’re the Reliable Choice in Tree Service

Since 2008, Greater Pitt Tree Service has been the go-to Oakmont choice in tree service. Our trained and certified technicians are ready to act fast and take care of all of your tree care needs. No matter the situation, we have the knowledge and experience in all areas of tree service to provide you with expert and budget-friendly solutions.

Do you have an emergency tree service need? Don’t stress – Relax and let the experts at Greater Pitt Tree service take care of everything. Give us a call at (412) 867-9631 to schedule your appointment for quick service.