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Dealing with a pesky stump or overgrown tree in your yard? Give Greater Pitt Tree Services LLC a call for professional tree services.

The trees in our yards are meant to be enjoyed, not add annoyance. Unfortunately, sometimes pesky problems can present themselves and call for professional tree maintenance. Overgrown trees and leftover tree stumps after removal are not what you want in your yard, which is why it’s best to call for expert tree services as soon as possible.

Have you recently removed trees from your property, leaving stumps behind and in the way of your landscaping and projects? Or, do you have an overgrown tree causing problems? If so, give us a call for quick and efficient removal and maintenance.

How Your Home Can be Affected with Overgrown Trees

When you have overgrown trees near your home, it can present hazards and potentially cause severe and expensive damage. Densely planted trees can ruin turf, trees near your home can damage your roof with falling branches, and even underground pipelines can be damaged by root overgrowth.

Scheduling regular professional tree trimming and pruning with Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC can help protect your home and property, not to mention keeping things looking great!

Why Stump Removal is Important

Once a tree has been removed or cut down, it’s important that the stump is not left in your yard. Professional stump removal helps to prevent several potential issues from occurring – here’s how:

  • When a stump is left in your yard, it can present a tripping hazard and cause serious injury. Lawnmowers can also sustain damage if they run into the stump.


Stumps left in your yard can begin sprouting new trees and other vegetation. Removing the stump will prevent unwanted growth.

Termites, ants, and other bugs love rotting tree stumps. When a stump is infested, you can see an increase in pests in and around your home as well.

Stumps that are not removed invite mushroom, fungus, and disease. When you have an unwell stump in your yard, it can spread disease easily to other vegetation and trees.

When a Tree Requires Removal

Most homeowners prefer to trim and prune trees instead of removing them. Unfortunately, when a tree is unhealthy or growing improperly it can call for professional removal. Recognizing the signs that a tree isn’t doing well is essential to preventing a possibly hazardous situation. Here’s what to look for:

  • Bark that is peeling, cracking, or chipping
  • A lot of dead, snapped, or hanging branches in the top part of the tree
  • Increased mushroom and fungal growth at the base of the tree
  • The absence of budding
  • Large holes or cavities in the trunk

Scorched looking leaves (brown and yellow lines)

How Tree Emergencies Can Affect Your Home

Unfortunately, sometimes problems and damage to trees can affect your home or property. It’s best to conduct regular and thorough maintenance to ensure avoidance of most problems. 

Some common tree emergencies that can affect your home are:

  • Roots can grow through your sewer lines or water pipes, causing flooding and damage.
  • Unstable trees and branches can fall on your home as a result of disease or damage from wind and storms.
  • Power lines can be damaged due to falling trees and branches.

Why Working With Us is the Right Choice

When you hire the tree experts at Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC, we bring 28 years of experience to the table and can ensure the job is done quickly and correctly. We’ll walk you through the entire process and ensure your yard is left in great shape. 

You won’t pay a premium price for premium service with us – we ensure the job is done right and at the lowest prices in Upper St. Clair.

Are you in need of assistance in removing unsightly stumps in your yard? Hiring a professional stump removal service doesn’t have to break the bank. Give Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC a call at (412) 867-9631 to schedule your Upper St. Clair appointment today.