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When you keep the trees in your yard trimmed, pruned, and well-maintained, not only does it keep your landscaping looking great, it also keeps the people around you safe. While trees are amazing and beautiful additions to our properties, they can also cause or incur significant problems when left unattended. 

As a homeowner, you must have a professional tree service that you can rely on for everything that comes up –  partner with Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC today for peace of mind in tree care.

The Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning

While landscaping is essential to keep your home looking its best, tree trimming and pruning carry significantly more important than that. In fact, the health and safety of your home and its residents rely heavily on how healthy your trees are. 

Below are some of the benefits you can expect to see from regular and necessary tree trimming and pruning:

When your trees are regularly pruned and trimmed, it can keep branches from growing unevenly or looking misshapen, which allows for the tree to grow naturally into its most beautiful shape.

Trimming your trees allows for dead, damaged, or diseased limbs to be removed. Structurally unsound limbs can fall onto your home or hurt someone during or after a storm or high winds.

When a tree has bug infestations or disease, it can quickly spread to other trees and vegetation on your property. By keeping your trees trimmed regularly, the bad spots can be removed before they spread.

Of course, the best part about trees is how they can beautify your property. When you have them regularly pruned and trimmed it ensures they stay looking their best.

When Should a Tree Be Removed from Your Property?

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s best to have a tree removed. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with when removing a tree might be necessary. Below are some common reasons that call for professional tree removal:

  • The tree has died
  • Branches are dying or decaying
  • The tree is leaning in the direction of your home or other structure
  • The tree sustained damage during a storm
  • You have a construction project that requires the area the tree is in
  • The tree drops too many needles, sap, or branches continuously

When You Should Call for Emergency Tree Service

It’s inevitable as a homeowner that you’ll run into a situation at some point that calls for emergency tree services. Acting promptly at the first signs of a problem can keep a bad situation from getting worse, and prevent your loved ones from getting hurt.

Below are some examples of common scenarios requiring emergency tree services:

  • Storms – Calling before a massive storm hits can potentially save your home from costly tree damage.
  • Damaged Roots – Damaged or uprooted roots can cause a tree to be unsteady. If you notice root damage, call for emergency tree service right away.
  • Severe Disease and Rot – When your tree has signs of disease or rot, it can cause the tree and its branches to be unstable. Calling for emergency tree services can protect your home and property from damage, and potentially save the tree.
  • Dangerous Leaning – If a tree is leaning or growing in a direction it shouldn’t, like in the direction of your home, it should be addressed right away before it becomes a problem.

Partnering with Greater Pitt Tree Services LLC will help keep your trees and property in good condition. We’re there when you need us for all your tree service jobs, large or small. All of our technicians are licensed, skilled and certified, plus our company is a proud member of the Tree Care Industry Association. You can rest easy knowing you and your trees are in good hands with us.

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