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Are the trees in your yard due to be trimmed or pruned? Give the experts a call for help – Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC.

The trees in your yard are wonderful for many reasons – they can be pleasant to look at, filter toxins out of the air, provide shade, and even help to keep your home and yard cooler. But when your trees are unhealthy or damaged, you can deal with some pretty big problems.

It’s important to act fast and with regularity when it comes to your trees. If the trees in your yard show signs of damage or being unhealthy, call Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC for fast and budget-friendly removal and tree maintenance services.

Why You Should Have Your Trees Professionally Trimmed and Pruned

Just like other aspects of your home and property, proper tree care is essential to keeping your yard healthy and looking great. Tree trimming and pruning regularly can have some helpful benefits, such as:

Keeping your tree healthy, longer. When dead leaves and diseased branches are regularly removed from your tree, it promotes new and healthy growth and stops problems from spreading.

When a tree is pruned correctly, it reduces overgrowth and allows for more oxygen and sunlight to reach your tree.

Regular maintenance to your tree helps reduce risks and accidents by ensuring your tree is stable and not growing too close to your home or power lines.

Visually speaking, pruning and trimming your trees professionally keeps them looking great.

Why You Should Have Trees Professionally Removed

When you need a tree removed, it’s important that it’s done right. Removing trees requires experience, safety precautions, and the use of heavy machinery. For these reasons, it’s important that you always hire professionals anytime you need a tree removed from your property. 

By utilizing a professional service, you can ensure proper safety measures are in place, that potential damage to your property is reduced, and that removal is handled thoroughly. 

The Benefits of Professional Stump Removal

Stumps can ruin your property’s aesthetic looks and get in the way of any planned projects or landscaping that needs to be done. When you schedule for professional stump removal, you’ll be glad you did – and here are the reasons why:

  • Improved Efficiency – Removing a stump can be a lot of work. When you hire professionals, the job can be done quickly and efficiently.
  • Better Landscaping – Lawn Mowing and landscaping around a stump can be difficult. When you have the stump removed from your property, landscaping service is much easier.
    • Prevention of Unwanted Growth – Unwanted tree sprouts can begin growing as a result of a stump being left. This can lead to the growth of more trees on your property that you may not want.
    • Increased Safety – When you have a stump in the middle of your yard, it can present a problem to children and pets who can stumble or trip on it and sustain an injury. Removing the tree stump can prevent unnecessary injury.

Aesthetic Improvement – Upon a stump being removed, your yard’s appearance will be greatly improved.

What are Tree Service Emergencies?

Our tree experts can quickly assess the structure of a tree and what needs to be done to remedy any problem. Familiarizing yourself with when to call for help from our experienced technicians can help ensure you avoid many common tree service emergencies.

Here are some common tree emergencies to watch out for:

  • Storm or lightning damage
  • Root damage
  • Tree leaning dangerously over your property or your home
  • Tree growing into electrical lines
  • Dangerous rot, disease, or infestation
  • Unsteady and broken branches

Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC has been the ones to call for tree service in the Sewickley area. Our customers are our priority, and it shows in our careful and expert work. Choosing to partner with us as your choice for professional tree service guarantees a job done right, every time.

Tree removal and maintenance don’t have to break the bank. When your Sewickley home requires professional tree removal or pruning, call in the experts at Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC – (412) 867-9631.