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Professional Tree Services in Greater Pittsburgh

When you need professional tree maintenance and removal services, Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC is the company to call. We can handle any size job quickly and efficiently.

Keeping your land looking healthy and beautiful is vital – especially your trees. The trees on your property contribute significantly to the aesthetics of your land, provide shade, help keeps things cool, and clean and filter the air. With your trees playing such an important role, it makes it essential to have a professional tree service company you can count on. Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC is that company.

Serving homeowners and commercial customers in the Pittsburgh area for over 28 years, you can trust in our expertise to help protect your property and ensure the grounds around your property look their best.

Residential and Commercial Tree Services

Regular trimming and pruning of your trees and shrubbery keeps them healthy and looking great. Enlisting our services for regular maintenance of the trees and shrubs in your yard is one of the best steps you can take.

Whether a tree requires removal due to being unhealthy or damaged, or its placement is inconvenient, we can professionally and thoroughly remove the tree from your property.

If you have trees damaged from severe storms, roots are growing above ground or into pipes, or a tree is threatening your home or safety, you can count on us to take care of any emergency tree services that come up.

Stumps are unsightly, hazardous, and can make for tough construction and landscaping. If you need stumps removed after a tree was cut down, we’ve got the tools for the job.

Before most construction projects, land often has to be cleaned and cleared of trees and vegetation. Our expert technicians can handle all of your land surveying, clearing, and grading needs so you can move forward with your construction project on time and with ease.

If you’re concerned about a tree in your yard, our tree experts can quickly assess any potential problems and provide you with a plan of action.

Why Choose Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC?

Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC has been the top-rated tree service provider in the Pittsburgh area since our founding in 2008. With over 28 years of experience, you can trust you’ve hired the right company for any tree service job.

Not only do residential and commercial clients in Pittsburgh rely on our services, but we also proudly assist customers in Mt. Lebanon, Bethel Park, Upper St. Clair, Pittsburgh, Pleasant Hills, Baldwin, Whitehall, Peters Township, Fox Chapel, Sewickley, Oakmont, and the surrounding areas.

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Whatever the job is, you shouldn’t delay a quick tree service. Having regular maintenance performed, and acting quickly when there’s a tree-related emergency, are vital steps to the proper care of your home and business. The next time you need fast and budget-friendly tree service, give Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC a call to schedule an appointment. We’d love to partner with you in the care of your trees and yard!

Are the trees in your yard due for trimming and pruning? Give Greater Pitt Tree Service LLC a call to schedule your appointment today – (412) 867-9631.